The Microturbine

Our internationally patented coin-sized microturbine is designed to generate strategic amounts of electric energy in areas where it is not possible or convenient to electrify and use cables, but where air or gas pressure is available.

It harnesses the potential energy of the pressurized air/gas in a pipeline to generate locally electricity harvesting the available energy for free, with no emissions or burning of fuel. This is possible due to the gas flow (e.g. in a pipeline) and the pressure drops that are already present accross pressure reducing valves.

The microturbine is provided with a companion power conditioning electronic board and is suitable for feeding equipment wherever a sufficient pressure drop exists.

Key features:

  • 30 W electric output with available air/gas pressure (2 bar) locally  produced in areas where there is no electricity
  • Use air/gas energy otherwise wasted
  • Substitute / recharge  batteries
  • Reduce wiring
  • Maintenance free
  • Plug & Play
  • Environmentally friendly

Supplying Power to the Internet of Things

  • Safety, automation, and operational efficiency of gas pipelines and other distributed infrastructures are key requirements in the Oil&Gas industry.
  • New advanced real-time monitoring systems (“Industrial Internet of Things” – IIoT) are available.
  • All these systems demand additional power, as they increase in sophistication. The consequence of this evolution is a growing demand in energy to power these installations, that are not reached by the electric national grid.
  • Energy harvesting with our microturbines exploiting existing pressure drops is therefore an advantageous solution in all such applications.
  • More power available = new and existing process measurements
  • Big Data: greater insight into plant operations
  • Wireless automation and controls in off-grid sites